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Because of my recently purchased orange blush, I browsed by my latest Sophie catalogue in search of orange based lipsticks. Why Sophie? Because 1) Sophie Lipsticks are very good quality 2) they have a vast range of lipstick shades 3) they are very affordable especially for a bulk buy..yes I again hoarded make up :p

Sophie Lipstick at 79php

Lipstick Kluge 120php Lipstick Koshize 160php

Here are the actual lipsticks.

I’ve arranged them from the pinkest shade to the most tangerine 🙂 names from left to right:

Sophie Lipstick in Cotton Peach

Sophie Kluge Lipstick in Sunset Peach

Sophie Lipstick in Mango Peach

Sophie Koshize Lipstick in Dazzling Peach

Sophie Kluge Lipstick in Atomic Peach

Here they are worn for your comparison (in the same order) ..the following by the way were worn over a nude lip concealer (I didn’t wait for it to dry)  by Etude House so they prolly look a teeny bit lighter than worn alone 🙂

will be making individual reviews on these as i wear them but this post was made for your comparison 🙂

Here are more lipstick options from Sophie 🙂

If you dont have a Sophie reseller nearby, Sophie products are available at shop Notably Pretty 🙂

Watch out for the individual reviews 🙂 I love these lipsticks 😡


❤ Jessica



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