The Bs Go to Sta. Rosa

12/15/2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, after ages of planning and failed attempts, all 5 of the Bs found a day to be free and travel all the way to Sta. Rosa for a day with my Baby B 🙂

My morning started with my 7am class..which ends only a few minutes after I arrive late..haha! Bad influence award for me..dont follow my example 😀 I love how my dad reacts funny whenever I go home only an hour or so after leaving for my Tuesday morning class 😀

I then had ample time to prepare since my friend who was supposed to arrive at ten am (so we could have a long brunch..meaning, I was starting to starve waiting for my friends to arrive and so decided to just eat lunch with my sister 🙂

Because I was starving and driving, I got to pick where to eat lunch..haha! We headed to Domo Tomo in Solenad, Nuvali for Japanese food fix and lotsa daldalan 🙂 I know, too bad no photos but I swear their servings were uber sized and are uber sulit the price 🙂

After that, my friends finally arrived and here goes the photos 🙂

We met up at Bacolod Chicken for their turn to eat lunch and here the distracted me since my brain keeps telling me na to buy the Garnier light eye roll on which I’ve researched on the night before..haha! beauty product addiction kicks in 🙂 I keep wondering why my shouder, arm and back seems to have fused in this photo..haha! 🙂

Meet the Bs of my life! 🙂

We then went home to pick up Baby Mio and take him on an afternoon in the sun 🙂 Mio looks dramatic as always whenever he sees too many people wanting to carry him. No touch please! 😀

Playing with the giant hammer with mommy 🙂

The ninangs by heart are excited to take photos with Mio 🙂

HAHA! Define excited talaga!

While the bs were buying drinks and snacks, heres Baby Mio making pa cute to the people inside the tea bar 🙂

and yes, we bring the ipad where ever Mio goes just in case he gets bored or toyo 😀 its been a HUGE help in keeping Mio calm especially in restaurants when mommy has to eat and can’t play with baby love 🙂

More mommy shots 😀

and of course, the candid laugh 😀

Here are the rest of the photos from that afternoon of eating, laughing and telling kwentos! 🙂

and as always, different tastes in drinks..and everything else 🙂

Tita Nami as always, the BULLY

and, as almost like tradition, the living room photo 🙂

a long night if kwentos and coffee followed this photo but everyone was too haggard na to attempt a photo..haha 😀

Great day with the Bs and Baby M 🙂

❤ Jessica


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