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Haha! Excited to be writing a LOT of posts about make up & beauty products just cause 🙂

Last week, (yes, this is a very late post :p) I went to Etude House to buy myself a cutesie tweezers because 1) my sister & mom keeps borrowing and NOT returning mine 2) beauty tools in Etude House are of very good quality but very affordable prices 3) its just so very cutesie :3 Also I planned to buy a blush brush for my new make up brushes set which had a very sucky blush brush 😀 And then I was thinking of either buying a thick top coat to make my home done mani last longer like my pedi from Dashing Diva (which I shall write about the next time I visit because 1) I used to go there with my sister so daldalan galore first 2) I always get too tamad to bring the cam cause its super duper big 3) I would always be in a hurry; but this week, I shall take my time 😉 The point was to go to Etude House for mainly 3 things only and that was the rule.

However I came home with a huge pink plastic bag with these inside..hihi 😀

HOWKAI so how did I end up getting all these?

On the BB Cream: the night before I went out, I was obsessively backtracking miss Camille Co’s awesome blog and I’ve read in one article that she uses or has already purchased and plans to use this one after the older version which was also from Etude. 1) I really admired Camille Co 2) I love how light it was and so easy to wear 3) I love that it was not going to deprive my skin of 02 and even better it whitens, moisturizes and nourishes my skin..so i figured, not bad for everyday use huh? 🙂

On the Powder Pact: I was so curious to go shimmery and glowing as Ive always opted for the clean natural look with my matte powder from The Body Shop. And since it was so affordable and I was pretty sure it will last a long time since I dont usually go shimmering everyday, I took one just for days that I wanna feel like a princess 😀

On the orange blush: simple..I had a pink one already :))

On the Lip Concealer: Cause I’ve been planning to wear (and have been shopping) different lipstick shades now since I’ve spent I think a year or two without one..

BUTI NA LANG..they again gave me freebies for my purchase 😀

they were even offering to give me a bigger set if I add another item but I liked this one better cause I was really feeling like my skin was kind of drying up around my eyes 😦 because of the new eye product Ive been using which I’ll be blogging about next.

and so I am now in a quest to find an eye moisturizer that’s just sakto for my age and needs 🙂


❤ Jessica


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