For those who made a mistake

12/09/2011 § 2 Comments

For all of us.

First of, prepare for typos and misspelled words because i did not write this from a device with spellchevk..hehe!

Ive been wanting to write about this since wednesday but has been too exhausted everyday to really do so..tonight as i was reading ( subscribed and i love reading their gossips..even got my mom subscribed and addicted too..haha!) about the rhian and mo twister issue; ive read lots of mean comments about rhian. When the posts were about the A issue, yes its understandable that negative feedbacks are going to be posted. However, on her latest one, about her interview with pia guanio; people still are very harsh which i find so disturbing. (yes, it reminded me of the kc interview and it really seemed like only a stint to save herself from even more talks if she kept quiet..ok enough about the showbiz stuff) the point here is that people, when a girl made a mistake, cant you really just pray for her to be better??

Mistakes for sure have been made everywhere all of the time by (i really think) all of us. They are unintentional thats why they are mistakes. However, some of them are made with full knowledge that the decision would be of disobedience, still not realizing that this disobedience is not a glorified perseverance but merely a mistake. Most mistakes committed are of immaturity..others because of a longing for (an already passed and over) youth. Some may be of selfishness, others of selflessness. Others come out strong but most only get destryed by it (no i did not base this from a survey, i just think so.) :/

First hand, from the mistakes ive done, i mostly grew stronger and smarter rather than the times i only felt like i failed. Yes, i did fail at times. I failed to see the good from it. Cause its not always good at the end. Although at the end of the trial, of course, you try to live each day better. You really do have to STRUGGLE to be better. Until evetually, you are better.

As for those who made a mistake apart from me, give them another chance. Dont sulk into the madness of anger and keep your grudge na til death do us part ang drama. Let the person learn from it, and give her a chance to be better.

On mistakes committed for love, well, love is love and who are we to judge whats right or wrong? Especially when often, whats good for the relationship is bad for the one in it. Really, do we become selfish when we save ourselves from a love so strong and capable of destruction? Or should we set aside our personal dreams and live a life we did not want just so we save a love so precious and would only be found once? Isnt it just a choice of whom to hurt? And when did we ever want to hurt the one we so ultimately love?

On young girls making mistakes, honestly, they are young and they are girls. Girl power may move the world with their platform shoes and ultra styled hair but girls are still very fragile in one way or another. Why? Because thats a gift girls got that boys did not. In the same way girls are yet to grow into the woman who can take over the world even when faced with the challenge of wearing their stilettos during the course of war 😉 they are yet to show the world the gifts and talent which were overshadowed by cuteness during their younger age. So why tell them that its over when its not? When the sun would still rise to wake up the glow in their faces..and everyday they keep glowing for everyone to see that with their beauty and brains, no youthful mistake is the end.

Maybe those angry people are just so bitter cause theyre jealous (for sure thats what my bestfriend would tell me..and thats what i wanna tell you.) dont mind them.

For you who made a mistake 1) accept what you did wrong and everything else that comes with it. 2) think, reflect, ponder about what happened and what you want to happen next 3) keep your head high and be as strong as you never imagined yourself to be 4) talk to your friend, mom, sister whoever is there to listen and guide you because you will never be alone. Someone who loves you cares. 5) never think that things are over. New mistakes will be committed by you or to you andyou will continue to learn and become better.

Okay this post sounds very preachy and i know im only young and am not in authority to say those things but ive had my pretty good load of mistakes under my belt and i can still wake up to find love in my heart, so i guess im pretty well amidst my mistakes :))

I may not always feel strong and i may feel lonely and may feel that i have failed sometimes but thats why i have my family and friends and most importantly Baby Mio 🙂

Finally i can sleep with these things off my chest..haha exagge talaga, feel na feel yung burden ni rhian..HAHAHA :p

❤ Jessica


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