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If you are on my friends list and search Jeren Arceo, then 1) i really know/remember you 2) this would probably be what you’ll find.

if more posts come out, then I prolly wanna share more personal things about my life with you πŸ™‚

I was supposed to blog about something big about today but since Ive poured out my limited writing abilities to writing my sister’s paper, here’s an excerpt πŸ™‚

“Facebook accounts tell a lot about a person but whatever we see on the webpage dos not literally come out to real life. Photos, messages, tags and videos are only a sneak peek of what life is really about. We might think that we know someone because she would post the things she does and places she goes to all the time only to find out that her life is not really about those things; that there are more important things in her life which she would not just share on her facebook page. We also tend to think that leaving wall posts, commenting and liking is real interaction with our friends and family. We might miss out on spending time with them and rationalize that we keep them updated with facebook and other social networks. However these social networks may keep us updated about each other, it does not stand in place of spending time with friends and family whenever we can share a part of our time with them. As facebook keeps us updated, facebook also tends to fuel arguments and intrigues among friends and couples. Spending too much time on facebook make some people jealous others find misunderstandings because messages and comments are not always replied to on time and when in a different moment, the flow of conversations change sometimes misleading people into conflicts. The good and bad side of facebook has been very open considering all the issues that have rooted from this social networking site but hopefully, the public would use it for the good and better side. ”

And because what I did for this paper is talk about whats inside a certain person’s facebook page, here is my account from my point of view πŸ™‚

welcome to my wall which is comprised of status messages where in you will find my dramatic rants all the time..haha! Also on my wall are tagged but not approved posts so if you were in the closer circle of friends, this is still visible to only me :p However you will find links on my latest tumblr and wordpress posts and very few webpages which I just feel like sharing πŸ™‚ Other than that are “Recent Activities” which I do not know how to stop from showing up :/

In my photos page which I havent updated for a while now, I used to post a couple of photos from every time I go out and sometimes funny things I do at home..ergo I find myself with tons of photos to post and everyone thinking that all I do with my (college)life is go out with my friends on weekdays and family on weekends..true πŸ˜€ haha! I used to have an album of outfit shots and lots of outfit shot scattered around my albums whenever I went out and the whole time I thought I was weird for taking outfit shots..only recently did I find out, people even end up earning for posting outfit shots..had I known back then when I was always dressing up and always made up, I wonder if fashion blogging worked out for me πŸ™‚ haha! nangangarap πŸ˜€

Finally, this is my notes page which I used to always write an article on life and such, yes I still did not know the magic of blogging then..I just thought facebook was the only way I can publish my thoughts..haha Im feeling so super duper boblats right now :)) Here my thoughts are either dramatic, euphoric or plainly annoyed πŸ™‚ Iwould also post here kwentos Im too tamad to tell on chat so Id just type the whole thing and make it visible to only the 3 I wanna tell the story to..haha! secrets and chismis! πŸ™‚ Dati kasi the messages wont work for multiple people ;p Other than those, I post kokology and personality test results..just cause πŸ˜€


❀ Jessica


p.s. i wonder if i still have the energy to write the one i really wanted to post tonight πŸ™‚


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