9pm coffee loading

12/03/2011 § Leave a comment

So..its 9pm and Im trying to load up on caffeine for an almost sleepless night of reading my NMAT reviewer..almost sleepless cause I’m still hoping to get some later 🙂

NMAT or the National Medical Admission Test is an exam where the scores would be used as the aspiring med student gets assessed for acceptance into the College of Medicine. Yes..aspiring medicine student; that’s me 😀

I wanted to prepare for this even though I’m super busy with my schooling, that I even asked mom to buy me the reviewer set which I take time to answer and read in Starbucks after my classes. Why Starbucks? Because I’ve always found my comfy review ambiance there ever since 2nd year college. Its not even the people or the name of the cafe like how other people got used to studying there. its just that 1) self proclaimed caffeine addict..as in tea or coffee suits me fine basta i dont have to make them myself 2) the distance from home and school gives me space to detach from emotional distractions (naks! may ganun talaga?!) 3) the fact that people dont know me and wont bother me gives me all the focus I need. (FTR: I’m not in Starbucks right now, I’m at home studying because I will attempt an all nighter, past the Starbucks coffee hours :p)

Honestly, I’m super kaduper scared right now cause 1) the topics are high school subjects 2) its super hard to focus with my baby love and all the distractions in my head 3) this is like a MAJOR MAJOR exam for me and the last time I’ve studied seriously was last year, last sem.

However, I find time to 1) blog here 2) stalk miss Camille Co’s blog and 3) read the Warrior of the Light because as much as I need to recall my neurons the stuff I learned over 5 years ago; I too need to make space for peace and let my neurons rest once in a while.

Now that I’ve said my NMAT piece, cause there’s no one to make kwento this with..(emo!) haha! I’ll get back to camilleco.com my NMAT reviewer 😉

❤ Jessica


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