Nicole @ 18

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Debut season has ended for me since about two years ago already so i really sorta felt old this night :))

My sister’s friend celebrated her 18th and me and my mom got invited too. I was excited to see this girl because during their high school days, she was all cuteness so I was really looking forward to see her all lady like πŸ™‚

The venue, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, was very pretty me and my mom got excited to plan Baby Mio’s birthday..haha! The place was even more breathtaking with the fashion show set up the party planner did since the theme was Fashion.

The tables were even labeled with the biggest brands in local and international fashion such as Rajo Laurel, Hermes and Ferragamo.

Waiting for the program to start while our tummies settled for these yummy treats was very worth while because even if I didnt dream for a debut like this. (mine was held in a bar where I had a very non conventional debut party as in 1) the almost lingerie only attire 2) 18 chocolates and 18 scents 3) unlimited beer and unlimited hookah for my friends..yes how very bad influence of least i was pretty sure though that everyone had fun including me!) I think that any girl though who would be thrown a party like this would definitely feel all lady like after πŸ™‚

The grand entrance was really grand since the debutante Nicole or Dj walked from between the LED monitors which split in half πŸ˜€

Doesnt she look so dalaga now but still very cutesies in her 6-digit worth Rajo gown? πŸ™‚

She had the usual 18 treasures and everyone including the host ,DJ Tony Tony of Boys Night Out, were so astonished as her lolos and lolas would say “My gift for you would be anything youd like.” Yes too bad no photos eh..

Then instead of the traditional wishes she had 18 Fierce Poses as her friends “modeled” around and down the runway then showed off their fierce poses of course some were pretty, some intentionally did funny poses and some were a bit shy. Here’s my sister’s pose:

A funny video at the end of this segment was prepared by the debutante’s best friend and everyone laughed with the very shy Nicole. It was a great relief from the formality and it added to seeing how very grown up Dj is now from the funny video clip πŸ™‚

To kill time while Dj changed from her gown, to her next outfit, the Kundirana entertained the guests with 50’s to 80’s music; and it showed how all the titas, titos, lolos and lolas were very enchanted with memories of the past generation’s music.

The best part was the 18 roses where Dj danced a top hit from 1993, the year she was born, until the present to sum up her 18 dances with relatives and friends and this was just an AWW + giggles moment because it was so interesting how each important man in her life took time to rehearse their own choreographed dance moves for this segment.

The super AWW + super GIGGLES moment was when Dj danced first I will Always Love You and then the Macarena with her dad, which of course were top hits from 1993 πŸ™‚

Then they ended this with a Party Rock Dance of all of Dj’s friends and the blowing of the candles of course πŸ™‚

There you go..a formal debut that didnt get boring πŸ™‚ We even kinda copied the flow of activities for my baby cousins rock star themed 7th birthday party on Sunday which Im really hoping I can go to after my NMAT πŸ™‚ haha!

Ok I dont know how to end this post so..bbye!

❀ Jessica


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