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So, last (last) friday, when my morning class ended super early, i decided to renew my overdue license..haha i was half excited to do this because i was going to accomplish lto stuff on my own without dad’s help..or so i thought :)) half i was dreading because i know im gonna have to wait..i HATE WAITING >:)

Turns out i have a pending “case” with the MMDA which i thought i got lusot with when they “apprehended” me. Humiliating..yes. Bad example..yes. Haha!

So then i had to ask dad to deal with the thing in Makati. Hehe. Of course dad needed to rescue me again..i was so proud pa nmn to supposedly have renewed my license on my own. Tsk!

Anyway yesterday, i went back to lto to get my new license and finally here it is


In a pink case of course :)) which was the reason why i got to buy my new planner 😀

Lessons learned:
1) super kaduper mahal pala magrenew and the drugtest
2) be ready to wait forever in the lto
3) dont ever think you can get lusot with the mmda..they might not have given me a ticket or taken my license but still they had a pending record of it in their system

The thing is, they wrote the wrong offense from the one i remember them telling me. So im rethinking if the computerized system is really good, i think its so easy for them to abuse it, making offenses for those who didnt commit them without their knowledge because there werent any tickets given. Oh well 🙂

❤ Jessica


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