Pamper Day

11/09/2011 § Leave a comment

Pamper days have become very uncommon ever since baby Mio  and so I do try to make the most of a few hours that I can spend for me..wee! Back then pamper days would comprise the whole day great food and even greater friends; and a week would never pass without one or two pamper days. However, since I have baby duties now and I’m on a have-to-lose-tummy diet so I don’t go for comfort foods anymore.

I started my day with a tummy full of Fitnesse cereals and non fat milk. Yes, I’ve tried the cereal diet before and TRUST ME it works! 🙂 As I got Mio to take his noontime nap, I hurriedly took a shower and dressed up for my objectives..haha!

1) coffee

2) haircut

3) facial

I drove to Paseo de Sta Rosa and made my first stop to get an iced latte from Starbucks because 1) a tall cup can keep my tummy full for the rest of the afternoon 2) i like it how coffee excites me on pamper days 3) i want to get a cherry 2012 planner before the year ends! 😀

Then I went up the second floor to get my facial booked and then hurried to my salon appointment with Ms. Justine Barbara herself 🙂 Ive been fbook messaging her about my hair and she agreed to take a look at it for whatever she could do about my new color and length. When she saw my hair, she told me that I couldnt get it cut or colored until a month..I left the salon with a 😦

but then when I walked by the salon my mom’s friends go to regularly, I decided to ask if he could at least trim the damaged ends of my hair..yes, i know, Bad Client Award goes to me..hehe! But really If you had my ends, you wouldnt even. OK. After the longest shampooing in a parlor I’ve ever had (I swear it was like hair spa already :)) and around an hour, thanks to Emil of David’s Salon, he turned this  into something better which you will see soon enough..haha! 😀

I then rushed to Beauty Bar (I actually drove to another parking lot nearer to Beauty Bar because I didnt want to walk in the sun even if I had to park again in the first parking lot for my facial..haha! BAD EXAMPLE) to see if I could find a red tinted brow mascara for my sister. After a few minutes of searching, and a battle between buying something-I-need and getting a Basic Diva Pedi, I went out the shop with these:

(watch out for the reviews on these items)because really whenever I go buy something for me, it feels like I first have to buy something for my baby 🙂 so that makes my shopping expenses x2 haha!

After that, I was already late for my facial appointment but good thing Nikki was still waiting for me for an uber awesome facial here are a couple of photos:

thats me playing with photobooth while waiting for my Tea Tree Mask to dry 🙂

and thats when I was waiting for the Chocolate Mask to dry..

YES I do get a double masks when I get a facial because the first one clears my skin and the second one relaxes me 😀

Lynderm suggestions Clarifying Facial + Chocolate Mask = 500php only 🙂

Right here Ill make a kind-of review part just cause I really love getting facials..hehe! I love getting facials in Lynderm cause you can see how clean everything is (excuse me for being a clean freak but I think thats what matters most in facials, manis and pedis other prettifying things) I love how the different creams and serums feel and smell on my face. I love their techie gadgets and lasers to keep your skin healthy. I love the friendly and cozy atmosphere anytime and any day 😀 The best part is that my skin really stays healthy for weeks and sometimes months even if I wear make up almost everyday.

After that, I run a few more errands and went home to my excited baby Mio.

I love coming home to see him excited because he missed playing with me all day 😀

There you have it. A pamper day for a part time student, part time online seller and full time mommy 🙂

❤ Jessica


p.s. here are my photos at the end of the day (excuse my sunnies but I was make up free kasi..haha!)


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