I Will Take a No

11/09/2011 § Leave a comment

As I have said in my last post, today was my pamper day but I didnt really get into details about my attempts to get a haircut, buy make up, and get a body scrub+bleach.

Why would these matter?

1) I’m so sick of sales people telling me things I should buy then realize I dont really need

2) Honest people like them help me save my time & money

3) Because I’ve always been a stubborn little girl who wouldnt take No for an answer 😀


When I attempted to get a haircut, the salon owner advised me not to cut or color my hair yet at least for a month to avoid mishaps on my part. But as I’ve already admitted on the previous post, Bad Client Award for me..haha! I loved it though that even if I asked her if there would be some sort f treatment or stuff just so I could cut it, they still said No because that will be whats good for me.

After failing t find a red-ish brow mascara, I asked the sales lady about brow pens to fill up my own bushy brows. Again, they said No because they said that the brow mascara which I already had on was already enough and using a brow pen to fill them in might make my brows look too strong. So thank you miss saleslady for saving me money and a day with uber dark brows 😀

Before the day ends, I was asking the front desk girl about body scrubs or bleaches for me to make my skin even and fairer. We just kept going round and round the same conversation because she didnt seem to be suggesting that I get those treatments. Finally, he just said that I dont need those treatments and the facial would be enough for me.

I know I kinda always still feel bad when they said no BUT I felt thankful afterwards for saving me money and a risk of a mishap for over doing these prettifying treatments I love so much 😀 Yes it would save me some more money if I did all these at home but its just a little added relaxation for me when I let the professionals do what theyre good at 😀 besides, what will they do for a living if we all get on our do it yourself pampering kits?

Rationalization lang..haha! Dont believe everything you read on the net talaga 😀

❤ Jessica


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