Ultimate Lipstick

11/07/2011 § Leave a comment

Review: Ultimate Lipstick by Sophie Martin Paris

The story:

Today, (draft written November 2, 2011) I went out for lunch, tea and shopping with two of my closest friends. Since this would only be a fun day across the village, I knew I could get oily and sweaty from walking under the sun but I don’t want to look too overdone. Still, i refuse to leave the house with a bare face..haha. For my lips, I knew I needed them to look naturally pink and stay naturally pink through cups of coffee, tea and lots of munching. Why? Because my friends are sure to be taking photos of our sem break tradition..wee! ANYWAY going back to the star of this post, after a cup of hot brewed coffee and a medium Hokaido from Serenitea, I still found my lips looking naturally pink with the Ultimate Lipstick in Nude Pink. That very much sums up what I love most about this lipstick great to use for everyday 🙂

4 out of 5 hearts for this star 🙂

>very affordable

>glides smoothly and evenly on your lips

>does not dry your lips

>stays on your lips through food and drinks

>does not stain your straw or teeth 😀

>pink hues with matte finish looks natural on lips


I love this item and this is so savvy for everyday natural look 🙂

Here’s a photo of me wearing this item taken in Serenitea, Solenad 2.

❤ Jessica


p.s. you can order this item from Sophie Martin Paris Ph through Notably Pretty 😉


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