Til death we may part

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Yes i really wrote that as “til death we may part” instead of the real vows 🙂


Same same

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Look at my watch, its the same floral thing on my badge 🙂



Thats all thank you! haha!

❤ Jessica


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So, last (last) friday, when my morning class ended super early, i decided to renew my overdue license..haha i was half excited to do this because i was going to accomplish lto stuff on my own without dad’s help..or so i thought :)) half i was dreading because i know im gonna have to wait..i HATE WAITING >:)

Turns out i have a pending “case” with the MMDA which i thought i got lusot with when they “apprehended” me. Humiliating..yes. Bad example..yes. Haha!

So then i had to ask dad to deal with the thing in Makati. Hehe. Of course dad needed to rescue me again..i was so proud pa nmn to supposedly have renewed my license on my own. Tsk!

Anyway yesterday, i went back to lto to get my new license and finally here it is


In a pink case of course :)) which was the reason why i got to buy my new planner 😀

Lessons learned:
1) super kaduper mahal pala magrenew and the drugtest
2) be ready to wait forever in the lto
3) dont ever think you can get lusot with the mmda..they might not have given me a ticket or taken my license but still they had a pending record of it in their system

The thing is, they wrote the wrong offense from the one i remember them telling me. So im rethinking if the computerized system is really good, i think its so easy for them to abuse it, making offenses for those who didnt commit them without their knowledge because there werent any tickets given. Oh well 🙂

❤ Jessica

On diaries, planners and such

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As i gave my overheating brain a break from my NMAT review, i headed to National Bookstore to get my new license a pink cutie case 🙂 Walking around, they have been featuring 2012 diaries and planners at the center isles..among the ones that took me quite a while to browse were Belle de Jour, the Bible planner and other planners with inspiring words and layouts that would really help someone priorotize and plan their year the most productive way 🙂

I would love to buy the Belle de Jour one but its just so full of gift certificates that i dont think id be able to use because 1) gcs only invite to even more gastos instead of getting discounts 2) most shops are in manila so that means im gonna have to visit places im actually avoiding 3) i wont be bringing that bulky planner everywhere to be able to have all the gift certificates with me 🙂

The bible planner was also very inspiring and i thought it would be great to actually have a daily schedule of readings, reflections and planners but as i was reading it, the texts were just so super long that i know i wouldnt be able to read them everyday. Its also so bulky that its gonna feel like im carrying around a colorful bible everywhere. All in all, the bible verses were tempting but it just wasnt inspiring enough for me.

Spending so much time browsing through planners made me wish that they also had the Paulo Coelho Moments Day planner i saw weeks before in Powerbooks. Still with undying hope, i checked the Coelho Section and i saw the pretty book right in the middle of all the novels 😀 super kaduper happy i was! 🙂


**sorry naman for 1)the weird smile because this little girl had her retainers on and shes just so super happy noh 🙂 and 2) these photos are only taken with the ipad so poor quality :/

I know there would be more planners to come out but this one hit me like love at first sight when i first saw in in Powerbooks but refused to give in to impulsive shopping because TRUE LOVE WAITS..haha!

Why Coelho? Because really, his books saved my life from when i was just a young girl..no i wasnt suicidal! But he saved my life from a forever of false beliefs on love, life and soul. Because of him, i have developed a better outlook on life. Even if ive loved his works for years now, only recently did i learn that he has also saved my brother from depression. Ergo, the two of us have been collecting his novels one book at a time and i think as of now, theres only one or two we havent read.

Going back to the planner, this one is just too inspiring to not have in my bag everyday 🙂 seeing these colors and coelho’s words each day, i know that like before, as i need to keep my head in a better set lately, truly inspiration will fill my heart each day.


Who could not resist these pretty graphics (by Lene Geving)? 🙂 i even got a brown pen to match the pretty brown lines inside..haha! OC much? 😉


Speaking of my pen what are the things i devote to doing with this planner exactly because 1) i really write my future plans and scheds in my papemelrotti planner which i will write about when it arrives on tuesday..wee 2) im not much of a planner except for school things and scheduled events 3) i always write the things i did and places i went to in my annual starbucks planner before going to bed and i shall also write about that when i get mine SOON 😉

SOOOOO what are the things im supposed to write in it nga? Inspiring things and important things to ponder on for each day of next year. Why nanaman? :)) because 1) i NEED a written collection of inspiring things i find in my life to get back to wheni feel blue (emo!) haha 2) id like to work on my writing skills again 3) kasi theres no one else to tell those things to except for this blog..so poor you to read all my super haba and super emo sentiments! Hahaha!

Yes i know super haba na nito and super katamad na my drama! Foyn!:)

Bbye na!

❤ Jessica

not so LBD

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Went with my mom and sister to an 18th birthday and because I didnt want to go all the way to the floor like them, heres what I wore 🙂


Heres what they wore:



The event was so beautiful but i shall post on that later 😀

BBYES for now! 🙂

❤ Jessica

I like routines

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Notably Pretty Tops & Dresses 11-22

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Here’s whats new in shop Notably Pretty 😀

AND I will be selecting more new items tomorrow! 🙂 you can even send me requests and ill try my best to get them if theyre still in stock! 😀

❤ Jessica

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